Our Products


Eye Fillet SteakScotch Fillet Steak
Porterhouse SteakRump Steak
Roasts Eye Fillet, Scotch Fillet,Roasts Rump & Bolar Blade
Marinated Beef Fillet KebabsCreamy Pepper Steaks
Osso BuccoDiced Steak (60 minute cooking)
Gravy Beef (90 minute cooking)Corned Silverside



Chicken - Free Range

Boneless & Skinless BreastsBoneless & Skinless Thighs
Satay Chicken KebabsSaltimbocca Chicken Breasts wrapped in Prosciutto
Crumbed Parmesan & Herb Chicken Breast SchnitzelsChicken Creoles stuffed with Mushroom & Bacon
Chicken Breast KievsFrench Roast Chickens
Mediterranean Split ChickensPeri Peri Split Chickens
Chicken & Vegetable PuffsWest Australian Produced Organic Chicken




Legs - Whole or ButterfliedShoulders for Slow Roasting
Crumbed CutletsRacks - Plain or Marinated
Butterflied Greek Legs of LambLoin Chops
French CutletsDiced - Shoulder & Leg
Lamb BackstrapLamb Fillets
Red Wine Rolled Leg of LambBBQ Plum Rumps of Lamb
Lamb ShanksGreek Lamb Kebabs
BBQ Racks of LambShoulder Chops
Lamb Curry Puffs 




Pork - Female Only

Leg RoastsScotch Fillet Roasts
Loin RoastsRack of Pork Roasts
Chops – Loin & French LoinFillets
Honey Chilli Pork SteaksPork Fillets stuffed with Ricotta & Herb Stuffing wrapped in Prosciutto



Homemade Sausages - All Made on our Premises

Organic BeefFree Range Chicken
BarbequeIrish Pork
Lamb & RosemaryJimmy Dean Spicy Pork



Homemade Sausages - No Preservative & No Gluten

All made on our Premises. Freshly Frozen & Vacuumed Packed

Free Range ChickenBeef



Prepared Products - Homemade on our Premises

CurriesOsso Bucco
Pea & Ham SoupBeef Lasagne
Family Size Pies – Beef & Vegetable or Chicken & VegetableBeef Meatballs also suitable for Hamburgers
Mini Beef MeatballsCrumbed Chicken Drummettes
Lamb Curry PuffsChicken & Vegetable Puffs
Sausage RollsHoney & Soy Wingettes



Frozen Minces - Freshly Frozen & Vacuumed Packed

Organic BeefOrganic Lamb
PorkFree Range Chicken
Pork & Veal 




American Products

Brown Sugar and Black Peppercorn Crusted Streaky BaconBrisket
Jimmy Dean Spicy Pork SausagesUSA Pork Spareribs
USA HotdogsLouisiana Smoked Sausages



Scottish Products

Square SausageBlack Pudding
HaggisTattie Scones
Smoked Kippers 



Freezer Products

West Australian Produced Organic ChickenWhole Farmed Ducks
Duck BreastsDuck Marylands
QuailsWest Australian Produced Goat
West Australian Seasonal Fish – Bought in Fresh then Vacuum Packed in serving portionsSalmon Steaks
Bacon HocksBacon Bones
Boerwor SausagesKangaroo Fillet
Beef SpareribsPork Spareribs
Baldivis Farmed RabbitOsso Bucco
Offal – Kidneys, Brains, Liver etc. 



Deli Items

Cooked Free Range Hot Chickens Baldivis Free Range Eggs
Gourmet and Rib BaconAmerican Streaky Bacon
Award Winning Homebaked Ham – made on our premisesHomebaked Roast Beef – made on our premises
Homebaked Silverside – made on our premisesHomebaked Smoked Turkey Breast – made on our premises
Sliced SalamiProsciutto
PancettaChorizo Sausages
Mild & Hot CacciatoreLocal, Australian & Imported Cheeses
Block & Grated Parmesan CheeseLocal Plain and Marinated Olives
Fremantle Marinated OctopusSmoked Salmon
Dandaragan Olive OilsItalian Olive Oils
Tinned Tomatoes and PassataCooking Sauces



Pet Foods

Bones – Marrow & NeckPet Mince
Chicken Necks 



Other Services Available

Knife SharpeningVacuum Packaging for Overseas, Holidays & Boating